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Karpa Safaris Experience Company is a Native African Safari Company offering the best African Experience at a quality of our Experience in Hospitality and Tourism within Africa, and especially within Tanzania & Kenya. The company is owned by native Tanzanians with deep technical know-how and longtime experience in tourism industry.

Karpa Safaris Experience offers eco-tourism safaris, we can take you to a Walking Safari, Luxury & Budget Camping Safari, Lodge Safari, Standard Safari for Family Adventures or related groups, Honeymoon Safari, a combination of Safari & Beach, a combination of Climbing & Safari, a combination of Climbing & Beach or even all of the combination items in a very systematic way to leave you a memorable visit to Africa. We also offer a combination of Kenya and Tanzania Safari walking or driving you through the most amazing places in Kenya and Tanzania.

George Karpa is a Managing Director of Karpa Safaris Experience with vast knowledge of wildlife and over 20 years of experience in tourism as a safari guide. He is born and raised in Maasai Village in Ngorongoro district. His profession is more attached to his traditional Maasai life that he was raised through.

We are always dedicated to make your trip to Africa a valuable one.., and always a memorable trip..!

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